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By July 13, 2020Europro

Europro is offering a new co-op program that provides a work-integrated learning environment that encourages young professionals to apply their academic learning to workplace relevant situations. The Europro team helps mentor students to gain commercial real estate experience, expand knowledge and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the industry.

Having started the co-op program in June, we welcomed our first-ever co-op student, Edvin Yeritsian. A fourth-year student at the University of Toronto, Edvin joined Europro as the Property Accounting Intern. We sat down with Edvin to learn about his experience so far working with Europro.

Q: What were your expectations before starting your co-op term?

A: Before starting my internship, I did not have any professional experience in accounting, I mostly had the expectations of observing how the accounting principles I had learned in school would be applied in the real world. I was mostly looking to learn and get some experience with how the property accounting industry operates and how Europro fits into the industry.

Q: How have you been able to apply the concepts you’ve learned at the University of Toronto at Europro?

A: I have been able to apply many of the concepts I learned in my accounting courses to the work that is being done during my internship. Most of the core processes are identical to exercises and lectures that I learned from during my coursework. Things are however a lot more complicated when applied to the real world and it requires a great deal of attention and learning to understand how a company conducts its accounting practices.

Q: What are some factors that have helped you adjust when applying theoretical concepts to real-world practices?

A: The Europro team has made my transition into this role very smooth and accommodating, by giving me ample instruction and time to learn. I’ve also been given free reign over my tasks and responsibilities regarding a project I have been working on for the past month. This has made me pretty happy with the work I am doing, as I have more autonomy to operate however best suits my working style.

Q: How have your personal/career goals developed since starting your co-op with Europro?

A: In light of this internship experience, my personal goals for my career have developed a great deal. Prior to this internship I did not know much about the property accounting industry, let alone aspire to have a career in it. After being exposed to the industry and the company, I am interested in having a career within industry and hope to stay with Europro in the future.

Q: How would you describe the company culture at Europro?

A: The company culture at Europro is extremely friendly and social. The culture is not rigid or bureaucratic at all. It’s a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, where everyone can freely talk to and get to know one another.

Europro offers a wide-array of services encompassing leasing, property management, space planning, design and construction project management. With properties spanning province-wide, Europro is continually growing and expanding the portfolio of office and retail spaces. The co-op opportunity allows students to gain experience in all aspects of the company through the accounting team.

We are currently accepting applications for internship opportunities for accounting students enrolled in a co-op-based program. The opportunities are available for both college and university students. Interested applicants can contact Meaghan Circosta at for more details.


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