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By June 1, 2020Kitchener-Waterloo

Over the next several weeks and months, organizations will begin to gradually return to the physical workplace. The migration to places of business will look different for every company, but it is our paramount goal for tenants to feel comfortable and safe while operating out of their spaces. Europro property managers and building operators across our portfolios have been working diligently to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible, employing appropriate safety measures throughout our buildings and guaranteeing that mechanical systems are in top working condition.

In Kitchener-Waterloo, our building operators have been completing a variety of pre-return checks, tasks and assessments to provide a healthy and safe working environment. “The daily duties have not changed, we are still observing roof drains, exhaust fans, and testing emergency power generators to guarantee the equipment exceeds expectations. We have also taken the opportunity to paint mechanical rooms and other areas of the building such as restrooms and fire exits,” mentioned Building Operator, Tristan Andre.

On top of the regular routine checks, Europro has been taking extra precautions for a safe return to work. “Our operators have been doing daily walkthroughs of suites, where permitted, to find and correct any issues that could lead to damage of the suite or tenant equipment. We have also reduced lighting in all unoccupied areas of the building and opened up heating and cooling setpoints to minimize gas, hydro and water consumption,” explained KW Operations Manager, Shane Pfohl. To supplement these routine checks and to prevent water stagnation in the domestic systems, “the building operators have been conducting hot and cold domestic water flushing throughout the buildings twice weekly,” specified Pfohl.

Europro also continues to monitor the air quality and adjust the amount of fresh air brought into the building to ensure the correct amount of air changes per hour. With the help of Jade Logic, all of our HVAC systems are under strict review to guarantee dependability and constant operation for the best quality of air possible. The various automation systems can send out alarms if any of the air parameters are outside of limits. As maintenance of the air filtration systems are of the utmost importance right now, “we are also doing pre-return to work filter changes on all of the make-up air handling units, compartment units and rooftop units using MERV 10 pre-filters and MERV 13 bag filters, where applicable,” revealed Pfohl. This will give tenants the assurance that the air in their suites is as clean as possible. Any items of concern are dealt with in a timely manner to ensure both a comfortable and safe environment for our tenants and visitors.

Aside from the increased mechanical and HVAC precautions throughout our properties, we have also placed appropriate signage in our entry points, common areas and highly trafficked locations within the buildings and increased cleaning in frequently visited/touched locations. Tenants have also been provided with a reopening guide with recommendations to address many of the most pressing questions, outlining the best practices that have been implemented across Canada. KW Director of Property & Leasing, Crystal Heenan stated, “tenant safety is of the utmost importance to us. We’re taking every precaution to ensure our buildings are safe so tenants can feel comfortable returning.”

With these measures in place, in conjunction with efforts from our tenants, we can work together to achieve the best results during the subsequent phases of recovery.


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