A note of encouragement from Europro Co-Founder Moshe Faust

By April 16, 2020Europro

April is usually a period that brings about renewal as we awaken from a deep Canadian winter that had us quite isolated and warming ourselves indoors. It is when the first singing robins perched up high begin their tune of hope and rebirth. This year we find ourselves mostly isolated, restricted and facing uncertainties that our generation has hitherto not known.

However, I see so much positive amidst the reflections of gloom. I see how for every hoarder and self-focused individual, there are one hundred more that have reached out to their brothers, sisters, parents, friends, neighbours and sometimes to strangers with care, encouragement and assistance. Adversity tends to strip away the veneer that clouds our purpose and from within the people of this country have risen and revealed the inner goodness that each one of us possesses.

We are immensely proud of our team, both those that have braved the deserted roads to come to lonely offices and places of work and to those that have organized their day to work effectively from home, staying focused, committed and driven. It is a true mark of the wonderful team that we have. What does not make us fall makes us grow taller, what does not make us stop will propel us evermore forward. The effort that our team makes to keep our operations running is extraordinary.

I am confident that as day follows night, we will emerge from this period stronger, better and more eager to embrace the opportunities that life gives us.

Wishing you all health, strength, smiles and the best of everything!


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