Cooling tower replacement at 55 King Street West

By | Kitchener-Waterloo

The existing cooling towers are being replaced at our 55 King Street West building in downtown Kitchener. Through a series of crane extractions and lifts, the new towers are being installed to provide the building with an energy-efficient cooling solution. Working with Jade Logic to complete the project, we are replacing the glycol-based system to a water-based system. “This increases heat transfer efficiencies in a more environmentally friendly manner,” mentioned Shane Pfohl, Europro KW Operations Manager.

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A note of encouragement from Europro Co-Founder Moshe Faust

By | Europro

April is usually a period that brings about renewal as we awaken from a deep Canadian winter that had us quite isolated and warming ourselves indoors. It is when the first singing robins perched up high begin their tune of hope and rebirth. This year we find ourselves mostly isolated, restricted and facing uncertainties that our generation has hitherto not known.

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